Retail and food

Come visit our main store (approx. 5,000 sq. ft) at the west end of town to find a fresh supply of grocery items, maps and charts, furs, sewing material, office supplies, tires, clothing, snowmobile, atv, engine and equipment parts, camping, fishing, trapping and hunting gear.

Building Supply

EPLS has a 4,000 sq. ft hardware warehouse stocked with items such as plumbing, heating, electrical, carpet, paint, mattresses, insulation, nails, screws, siding, doors, ropes, windows, moulding, pipes, toilets, komotiksak, household appliances and all types of tools. Our wood shed adds an additional 2,400 sq. ft where you will find a variety of plywood, beams, planks and other dimensional wood.

R-K’d and Convenience Store

After hours and on weekends you can purchase groceries including frozen food, enjoy an assortment of games, a great supply of snacks such as ice cream, slush, pizzas, poutine, fries, at our R-K’d and Convenience store located downtown.

We have a large network of suppliers and would be happy to put in a special order for you for anything that you need.

Rentals & Heavy Equipment Contracting

Loaders, dozers, excavators, tandem dump trucks, fuel bowsers, backhoe, freight trucks: with or without the driver!
Vehicle rentals: trucks & vans

Accommodation and rental of space

Katimavik Suites & Conference Centre

Visiting town or simply looking for a cozy and clean place to rest after a hard day at work or after a long ride on the land? The Katimavik Suites offers you comfortable, quiet and private space. Each of the nine suites is equipped with a kitchenette, bathroom, satellite T.V. and internet. A large kitchen and conference centre welcomes groups for meetings.

We have expanded our hotel division to include a new 5 suite beach house which opened in the fall of 2010. Since then, we have also added 3 suites/apartments as part of our hotel operation. Enjoy the great view and let nature treat you to a peaceful sunset or aurora borealis over the Hudson Bay. Witness Inuit hunters returning from a day of fishing and hunting or again a polar bear roaming the ice in search of food. Guests will have access to a common kitchen and living room, in-suite bathroom, internet and phone.

For more information please visit: or to book, please call 1-855-333-5366 or 867-857-4444 or by e-mail:

We also rent commercial office space, heated and cold storage - Please call Ryan St. John at 867-857-2752.


Our own fleet of vehicles is routinely inspected in our three bay heated garage, staffed year-round with Heavy duty and automotive mechanics. Appointments can be made at our main office for maintenance and repairs on all makes of vehicles.

Fuel holdings and distribution

Eskimo Point Lumber Supply owns a private tank farm with a capacity of 450,000 litres of bulk P-50 fuel. We also carry a large number of drummed Jet B and AvGas fuel to provide an all year supply for commercial and private aircrafts, home heating and exploration/mining supply.

Marshalling & Expediting Services

EPLS is able to maintain one of the largest inventory of building products, general merchandise, vehicle parts and dry good in Nunavut through the support of four fully trained staff members working at our marshalling centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Capable of handling both small and large items. This has resulted in an improvement in the quality and speed of delivery to Arctic communities, netting a reduction in the cost of goods and labour. Inquire at our headquarters in Arviat for shipping regulations, train, barge and airlines schedules and fees to make your shipping and moving experience a lot smoother. Also take advantage of local pick ups and delivery.

Our Winnipeg Address: 130 Midland Street, Unit # 5, Winnipeg, MB. R3R 3E3

Cargo Operations

EPLS handles all the freight coming in and going out of Arviat. We provide airside services for Calm Air and First Air. We are also the ticket agent for First Air. Two crews experienced with local cartage, loading and unloading planes meet all passenger and freighter aircrafts to provide fast and efficient turn-around.

We can assist you in shipping anything small or large north or anywhere else in the world
for that matter. Our staff will help ensure your belongings arrive safely.

For pickup, delivery, shipping or any other inquiries contact the manager at the cargo office across our main store, phone # 867-857-2518.

Logistical Support

Eskimo Point Lumber Supply caters to exploration, mining, government and overland transport companies. We provide support services such as fuel, building supplies, load and unload the cat trains, mechanical assistance, camp replenishing and lodging.

We assist as needed with orders, crating, unloading, local cartage for the barges.

Corporate Services

EPLS provides cash management services. We are currently agents for Northwestel, Nunavut Power Corporation, Calm Air and First Air. We offer visa, interac, cash, cheques payment options for our customers and an ATM machine at the R-K’d and at the main store locations.